Main objective: To monitor project progress and liase between parters to keep project within budget and schedule while achieving its objectives

Work Package leader: Mikael Muegge (RTDS)

Contact: muegge [@]


Work Package “Project management” (WP8) covers management issues needed to ensure that the project meets its commitments to deadlines and budgets. It will monitor project progress, evaluate and ensure deliverables meet agreed timelines, coordinate activities and liaise with the BBI-JU funding agency. It will also ensure that the project stays on schedule and on budget.

The project management guarantees targeted and efficient implementation of the project towards the objectives and covers the overall administration and management of the project. Quality of deliverables and results will be ensured by peer-reviewing.


Specific objectives:

  • Ensure timely submission of deliverables and reports to the BBI-JU.
  • Maintain and update the description of action (Grant Agreement) and the Consortium Agreement where necessary.
  • Manage innovation through understanding both technical and stakeholder-imposed challenges to let the consortium respond to external or internal opportunities.