Main objective: To produce registration dossiers after field trials with developed organic formulations, granules, microgranules and liquid fertiliser solutions

Work Package leader:  Sebastian Michel (BOKU)

Contact: sebastian.michel [@]


Work Package “Field trials” (WP5) will run field trials with the products developed and produced in Work Package “Probiotics and struvites” (WP1) to Work Package “Fertiliser optimisation” (WP4). These will be conducted in different European sites (e. g. in AT, IT, FR) in conventional and organic agriculture systems to comprehensively prove that the novel fertilisers and formulations are at least as effective as conventional fertilisers for plant nutrition under farming conditions.

In WP5 field tests will be performed with phosphor-demanding maize and tomatoes. Siderophore containing solutions will also be evaluated in high value Mediterranean crops and tomato growing under iron-limiting conditions. Collection of sufficient field data and a complete technical profile for a registration dossier finalizes WP5.


Specific objectives:

  • Assess and quantify the potential of high value crops to take up phosphorous and iron from new products under natural field conditions.
  • Proof in large-scale field trials that novel iron fertilisers are at least as effective in Mediterranean, low-iron soils as conventional products.
  • Proof in large-scale field trials that novel fertilisers with reduced mineral phosphorous are as effective as conventional fertilisers.
  • Identify the most suitable conditions for each fertiliser for complete technical profile.
  • Collect sufficient field data for the registration dossier for quick market entry.


Public deliverables:
Deliverable D5.6 – Field data analysis of the trials performed in all years (Oct. 2020)
Deliverable D5.7 – Recommendations for products for farmers (Oct. 2020)