Main objective:  To develop and produce at least four fertiliser products fitting into current production and application existing application technology

Work Package leader: Sylvain Pluchon (Roullier)

Contact: sylvain.pluchon [@]


Work Package 4 (Fertiliser optimisation) will work on blending, formulating and optimising the novel fertiliser products for industry-scale production, with the aim of using production and application technologies similar to those of established fertiliser products and of innovative precision farming fertilisers.

To add value to an existing organic fertiliser, WP4 will combine siderophores (from Work Package “Siderophore production” (WP3)) or siderophore-producing probiotics (from Work Package “Probiotics and struvites” (WP1)) with the organic fertiliser. The process of siderophore fertiliser mixing will be automatized.

WP4 will bring the outcomes of Work Package “Probiotics and struvites” (WP1), Work Package “Coating” (WP2) and Work Package “Siderophore production” (WP3) together and find the right production conditions for optimum product and component stability, compatibility, coatings and controlled release coatings.

WP4 will also be responsible for the demo-scale production to then test formulations in field trials (see Work Package “Field trials” (WP5)), and evaluating together with Work Package “Sustainability” (WP6) economic feasibility and market entry strategies.


Specific objectives:

  • Prepare scoring chart on production specifications to choose most promising fertiliser components.
  • Formulate organic fertiliser combined with plant growth stimulating siderophore.
  • Formulate novel liquid and solid, more sustainable phosphorous fertilisers optimised for industrial production.
  • Build large-scale demo production for testing fertiliser formulations in field trials.