Main objective: To develop cost effective lignin based coatings for product stabilisation and controlled release

Work Package leader: Nikolaus Schwaiger (SAPPI)

Contact: nikolaus.schwaiger [@]


In Work Package “Coating” (WP2) the production properties of enzymatically polymerized lignosulfonates are optimised for the use in bio-based and residue-free controlled release coatings. Therefore, cost efficient, residue-free anti-dust coating production, compatible with organic farming, will be developed. For this purpose, pilot-scale synthesis of lignosulfonate coatings is under investigation.

Controlled release will be studied using coated nitrogen fertiliser (micro-)granules. Moreover stability and controlled release will be studied with coated probiotics. WP2 will deliver simple coatings of fertiliser granules and microgranules with cost optimised protocols for product stabilisation. Lignosulfonate coating solutions will be provided in sufficient amounts for fertiliser production for field trials. In addition WP2 aims at developing speciality soil improvers/conditioners based on functional lignin for agricultural applications, as well as greening and speciality high end applications in urban areas.


Specific objectives:

  • Build pilot-scale synthesis of biodegradable lignosulfonate coatings.
  • Develop probiotic microorganisms coated with laccase polymerized lignin for controlled release.
  • Develop controlled release coating of fertiliser with laccase polymerized lignin.
  • Develop anti-dust coating of fertiliser granules with laccase polymerized lignin.
  • Develop functionionalised lignin based soil improvers / conditioners.