Main objective: To obtain compatible probiotic and sustainable solutions for phosphorus and iron fertilisation

Work Package leader: Günter Brader (AIT)

Contact: Guenter.Brader [@]



Work Package “Probiotics and struvites” (WP1) will provide phosphorous probiotics, siderophore probiotics and the renewable phorsphorous source struvite to SUSFERT. These are sustainable solutions for phosphorus and iron supply in agriculture to be tested on maize and tomato crops as test systems within the project.

Combining renewable phosphorous sources obtained from waste streams with field-evaluated probiotics will give optimum efficacy to the final sustainable fertiliser product (see Work Package “Fertiliser optimisation” (WP4). Combining siderophores produced by microorganisms with living probiotic microorganisms will improve iron and phosphor availability of soils under nutrient-limiting conditions.


Specific objectives:

  • Selecting probiotic strains for phosphorous and iron mobilization and up-scaling fermentation.
  • Determining optimum supply and quality of struvite as phosphorous source.
  • Testing probiotics combined with siderophores for iron deficient soils and probiotics combined with struvite for effective phosphorous supply, and measurement of reduction in non-renewable phosphorous supply.
  • Establishing production protocols for one selected siderophore-producing and two phosphorous-solubilising microorganisms for the use in combined formulations in subsequent field testing (see Work Package “Fertiliser optimisation” (WP4).


Public deliverables:
Deliverable D1.4 – Recommendations for struvite producers to make their product suitable for use as phosphorous source in fertilisers (July 2019)