Fig.: Overview over all scientific work packages 1-6 ((c) SUSFERT)


Overview of the SUSFERT work packages

The SUSFERT project spans eight Work Packages (WPs):


Spotlight on our work package leaders (from front to back): WP1: Günter Brader (AIT), WP2: Hedda Weber (Sappi), WP3: Markus Omann (ARIC), WP4: Sylvain Pluchon (Roullier), WP5: Sebastian Michel (BOKU), WP6: Marc Spiller and Siegfried Vlamick (University of Antwerp), WP7: Natascha Miljkovic (RTDS Group) and WP8: Daniela Fichtenbauer (RTDS Group)

The scientific work packages

The first three work packages in SUSFERT are centered on component development, evaluation and production. In the next phase in Work Package “Fertiliser optimisation” (WP4), renewable phosphorus sources, iron and phosphorus solubilising agents, and coatings are produced for product development and production to form intefrated product lines for at least four different fertiliser products.

Feedback from Work Package 4 will then be used for fine-tuning component development in the first 3 work packages. Interaction among these work packages ensures their compatability for integration into Work Package 4.

Field trials in Work Package “Field trials” (WP5) will enable evaluation of performance of the novel consumer products in various European pedo-climatic condictions both in conventional and organic agriculture.

Data from the above work packages before will feed into analysis of sustainability and regulatory issues performed in Work Package “Sustainability” (WP6) to allow adaptation and registration of the SUSFERT products for European agriculture.