SUSFERT at Ministry of Climate event

SUSFERT covers many news stories and blogs on the creation of bio-based raw materials for the emerging circular, bio-based economy which was the topic promoted at the Bio-based Industry Stakeholder Dialogue — an initiative held every year.

The event is organised by the Austrian Ministry of Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK), in association with the Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE), with the aim of showcasing research and development in the bio-based industry.

The hybrid event Bio-based High-tech was held in Vienna on 5 December, 2022 and was hosted by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, or Wirtschaftskammer Wien – WKO, in co-operation with the Association of the Austrian Chemical Industry.

CBE JU/H2020 funded SUSFERT was presented by Project Manager, Mikael Muegge, from RTDS Group.

RTDS Group co-ordinates and manages Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication on three CBE JU projects in Austria — SUSFERT, SUSBIND and BIOVEXO.

CBE JU Head of Programme Unit, Virginia Puzzolo, also presented on the day.

Demonstration of Nutrigels

SUSFERT impacts are:

Decreased dependency on mined phosphorus by 40%

Strengthening of the circular economy by recycling by-products/side streams

Improvement of soils

Reducing soil pollution by applying fertilisers less frequently

Improvement of water retention capacity

Controlled nutrient delivery

SUSFERT Summer 2022 pot trials demonstrated that plants treated with wood-based Nutrigels (currently under development) were still looking healthy after 14 days of no water. The plants that were not treated wilted in comparison. The clip below shows the positive effects on basil which is adversely affected when not watered.

Watch Mikael Muegge present

SUSFERT Key Exploitable Results (KERs)

New microbial products


Bio-based, fully biodegradable controlled-release coatings for fertiliser applications

Granulated, microgranules, and liquid fertilisers with controlled-release capacities

Lignosulphonate-based soil improvers/conditioners for agriculture and turf

Probiotics, micro-organisms, NPK and bio-based fertiliser into AgroBiogel to turn into Nutrigels

Why this event?

From the Bio-based Stakeholder Dialogue Website:

“The creation of bio-based raw materials for industry is an important prerequisite for the development of a circular economy. They enable the manufacture of resource-saving products based on renewable raw materials, which have a wide range of applications. In particular, recyclable bio-based products can make a significant contribution to combating the climate crisis, global environmental pollution or the shortage of resources.

At the same time, sustainable management of bio-based raw materials has great potential for economic development. The importance of this sector is also emphasized in the EU Bioeconomy Strategy and the European Green Deal. The prerequisite for a positive contribution to the global crises by the industry working on the new raw material basis is that raw material extraction and production are based on ecological and ethical criteria, take into account the limited availability of renewable raw materials and strive for recycling.

The BMK’s “Stakeholder Dialogue Bio-based Industry” series of events offers stakeholders from business, science, associations and politics in the field of bio-based industry a platform for networking and the exchange of experiences.”

Watch the event online