SUSFERT animation video premiered

After the announcement of the completion of our first public deliverable (D1.4) last week we already have another highlight to share with you – the SUSFERT animation video has premiered! You can find it on the newly established SUSFERT YouTube channel.



Challenges for farmers

In this video clip of you will get information on the challenges of European farmers as well as solutions SUSFERT is preparing to offer for them. The three main challenges are:

  • Availability
  • Rock phosphate imports 
  • Time

At times plants have plenty of nutrients, at other times there are none available because plants cannot reach them with their roots.  Giving fertilisers to plants helps, but when it rains the nutrients from conventional fertilisers drift away to deeper soil areas.

Also, components of those fertilisers like phosphorus are mined and transported world-wide with massive CO2 emissions. Moreover, giving conventional fertilisers is also not always very helpful since nutrients can get stuck on soil particles.


SUSFERT solutions

SUSFERT is working on more sustainable solutions that combine

  • Bio-degradable coating made of lignosulfonates for slow release of nutrients
  • Microbes that help with providing plants with nutrients before a drift-off can happen
  • Use of struvite, a sustainable phosphorus source.

See the full video here!

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