Science shows promising fertiliser results

Landlab hosts stakeholder event and presents results

On September 27, 2023, the SUSFERT stakeholder event took place at Landlab, located in the heart of the province of Vicenza, Italy. This event marked an important moment in the project’s journey towards sustainable agriculture because the fertiliser results were presented by Landlab to the Consortium during the day. This gathering, following the online SUSFERT Seminar “NextGen Biobased Fertilisers: Products and Impact,” brought together the SUSFERT consortium for a closer look at the tangible impact of their collaborative efforts.

Landlab is a pioneering force in shaping sustainable agriculture through innovative testing environments and transformative solutions. Founded on a commitment to advancing agricultural practices, Landlab utilizes its expertise to create an ideal setting for testing and developing biobased fertilisers.

The event kicked off with illuminating presentations by Landlab’s Founder and CEO, Mr. Adriano Altissimo, and Project Manager, Mr. Simone Sello. These presentations delved into the findings and results stemming from rigorous field trials, where SUSFERT prototype fertilisers underwent thorough testing. Altissimo and Sello not only shared data but painted a vivid picture of the largely positive implications of these biobased fertilisers on real-world agricultural practices.

Testing the science

Following the insightful presentations, the SUSFERT partners were treated to an exclusive tour of Landlab’s facilities. Here, the innovative spirit of Landlab came to the fore, showcasing a unique approach to creating an ideal testing environment. The consortium found themselves impressed by Landlab’s commitment to precision and excellence, as reflected in the thoughtful design of their testing grounds.

Landlab’s approach goes beyond the conventional; on the one hand side, it mirrors real-world scenarios, ensuring that the fertilisers undergo testing in conditions that replicate the complexities of actual agricultural practices. On the other hand, another testing environment has been created to exclude natural variabilities. Special pots for greenhouses have been developed to allow for a sharp differentiation between the efficacy of SUSFERT biobased fertilisers, conventional fertilisers, and untreated plants.

Promising findings and the road ahead

This meticulous testing environment emerged as a key catalyst in the success of the field trials, demonstrating Landlab’s dedication to advancing sustainable farming practices.

The positive findings and results presented during the event served as more than just validation; having dedicated the past five years to this innovative project, the partners found encouragement in witnessing the tangible impact of their collective endeavors.

As the SUSFERT project moves forward, propelled by the optimism generated at the Landlab event, it stands firmly on course for a successful conclusion. The collaborative synergy between the SUSFERT consortium and Landlab, exemplified through the stakeholder event, is steering the agricultural landscape toward a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

For those intrigued by Landlab’s innovative approach, please visit their website at and find out further information on their contributions to sustainable agriculture.