B-FERST is an EU project that integrates the valorisation of bio-waste in agriculture by creating new circular and bio-based value chains. The project improves the sustainability of arable land by developing 8 innovative bio-based fertilisers. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the relationships between farmers and bio-based industries.


“The BIOSCHAMP project aims to develop an integrated approach to tackle the mushroom cultivation challenges: an alternative and sustainable peat-free biostimulant casing for the mushroom industry, reducing the need for pesticides and contributing to improving the productivity, sustainability, and the profitability of the European mushroom sector.”


Horizon Europe PestNu project:

PestNu targets the field-testing and demonstration of digital and space based technologies (DST) and agro-ecological and organic practices (AOP) under a systemic approach to reduce the pesticides and fertilisers use, and loss of nutrients.

SmartProtect Platform is a thematic network focusing on SMART IPM solutions for farmers, advisors, experts, researchers, technology providers, and any other interested end-user. In this SmartProtect platform you can find technologies and methodologies for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in vegetable production for open-field and greenhouse production systems. IPM solutions are divided by technique type (application techniques, decision support techniques, diagnostics and detection techniques, and monitoring techniques), while are also accessible by application range (Bacteria, Beneficials, Fungi, Insects, Mites, Nematodes, and Viruses).

WalNUT aims to develop concepts and technological solutions to re-design the value and supply chains of nutrients from wastewater and brine. Researchers will tailor five pilot plants for nutrient recovery from wastewater and brine by combining multiple process units selected from a pool of technologies. The pilot plants will target highly efficient nutrient recovery and minimisation of environmental impacts, in addition to showcasing the full potential of wastewater and brine as a raw material for biofertiliser production. WalNUT therefore aims to create and disseminate a new paradigm shift from wastewater and brine treatment to resource recovery, which is essential for the EU to sustain industries and societies for the long term.