Most SUSFERT deliverables are confidential, while others are public deliverables. For dissemination and communication purposes all deliverables will include a publishable abstract of around one page. This abstract will be published on the website and on SUSFERT social media when the respective deliverable is completed. Public deliverables will be downloadable in full from this website.



Find below a list of all public deliverables to be produced by the SUSFERT consortium during the whole duration of the project:

Work Package
Title Responsible partner
Due date

WP 1

Recommendations for struvite producers to make their product suitable for use as P source in fertilisers (D1.4) (PDF). University of Antwerp July 2019
WP 6 Report on current framework conditions: regulations and policy opportunities and barriers (D6.2) fosussing on current situation, if already available based on upcoming fertiliser regulation. Essential input for component and product fine-tuning (PDF). Roullier Oct. 2019
WP 6 Final report on framework conditions for novel products (D6.4) focussing on novel products that are tested in field trials, and inculding most recent fertiliser regulations. Roullier
WP 5
Field data analysis of the trials performed in all years (D5.6). Throughout statistical analysis and evaluation for all field trials will be performed, critical evaluation of results and public summary of results provided. BOKU Oct. 2022
WP 5 Recommendations for products for farmers (D5.7) for each product, a guide user will be supplied to optimise the application and the effect on crops. BOKU Oct. 2022
WP 6 Final report on standardisation (D6.7) details for each standardisation area, whether existing standards were followed or if and how the project contributed to the development of new standards. Roullier Oct. 2022