Partners meet for SUSFERT’s 12th Consortium Meeting

SUSFERT partners meet in Vicenza, Italy

The picturesque Province of Vicenza, Italy, played host to the 12th SUSFERT Consortium Meeting from September 25th to 28th, marking the next milestone in the five-year journey of the EU co-funded SUSFERT project. The primary aim of this gathering was to synchronize the progress made by project partners, outline key products for the post-project period, and set the agenda for the final three months.

One notable highlight of the meeting was the convergence of various events alongside it. The online SUSFERT Seminar, titled “Next Gen Biobased Fertilisers: Products and Impact,” and the “SUSFERT stakeholder event” at Landlab provided an insightful backdrop to the Consortium Meeting.

Additionally, the “SUSFERT External Expert Advisory Board (EEAB)” meeting took place hosting Mr. Adriano Altissimo, CEO and director of Landlab, Mr. Leon Fock, Chairman of the European Organic Fertilizer Manufacturers Association (EUROFEMA), Robert Van Spingelen, Founder of RecyFert and President of European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP), as well as Mr. Markus Freudhofmaier and Mr. Johannes Rötzer, both from Raiffeisen Ware Austria (RWA). Particular focus of the meeting was set on examining the EU regulations post-2030 and formulating robust strategies for SUSFERT products entering the market.

Of special note was the in-depth discussion during the EEAB meeting regarding the best strategies for SUSFERT products to not only comply with but also thrive within the evolving regulatory landscape. Insightful conversations focused on the EU regulations post-2030, providing a roadmap for navigating challenges and capitalizing on opportunities in the dynamic agricultural sector.

Identifying best results, alignment with EU regulations

A pivotal moment during the Consortium Meeting was the identification of seven key products arising from half a decade of collaborative effort among SUSFERT partners. These biobased, multifunctional fertilizer prototypes signal a promising shift towards a more sustainable alternative to conventional fertilizers. Given the enforcement of new EU regulations in 2030, the development of environmentally friendly fertilizer products assumes paramount significance for farmers, the fertilizer industry, and all stakeholders.

Looking ahead, these key products are poised to enter the market in the coming years, presenting a formidable challenge to conventional fertilizers while championing sustainability. This aligns seamlessly with the industry’s anticipation of transformative changes in response to the impending regulatory shifts.

Moving forward, shaping sustainable agriculture

Having completed the final Consortium meeting, attention now turns to the grand finale — the online SUSFERT Final Conference set to take place on 30th November, 2023. This concluding event promises a thorough exploration of the best results achieved during the project, accompanied by a forward-looking discussion. Experts from the fertiliser industry, EU policy, and biotechnology sectors will converge to share insights, with a series of presentations paving the way for a robust panel discussion.

In essence, the SUSFERT Consortium Meeting 2023 stands as a testament to collaborative efforts in transforming fertilization practices towards a more sustainable future. The journey from research and development to market-ready products underscores the commitment of SUSFERT partners to drive positive change in agriculture, laying the groundwork for a more sustainable and resilient industry. The Final Conference will reflect the culmination of all efforts during the project, where research, innovations, and expertise harmonize to shape the path forward.