Green chemistry critical for ‘Pitch Perfect’ boost to bioeconomy

Green chemistry pitch needed as natural gas supply dwindles.
28/09/2022/by SUSFERT

High gas prices threaten fertiliser producers

EU fertiliser producers struggle to be competitive with US.
15/09/2022/by SUSFERT

Enzyme technology using Sappi lignosulphonates

Enzyme research supports further lignin applications for circular economy — conference dissemination.
19/07/2022/by SUSFERT

SUSFERT soil improver presented at ISGC

SAPPI partner Nikolaus Schwaiger at ISGC.
15/07/2022/by SUSFERT

#LNF22 research attracts 135,000 visitors

The Lower Austrian City of Tulln hosts the Long Night of Research, known as the Lange Nacht der Forschung #LNF where SUSFERT was showcased at partners' stations. Across Austria, 135,000 visitors were attracted to the 2022 event.
07/07/2022/by SUSFERT

SUSFERT, BIOSCHAMP support soil strategy at Loops 2.0 Green Week

SUSFERT joined BIOSCHAMP in the VELTHA #EUGreenWeek2022 Loops 2.0 Webinar to discuss the EU Soil Strategy. Read how bio-stimulants are the central theme in new fertiliser creation, also circumventing the need for pesticides.
04/07/2022/by SUSFERT

Consortium meets in Graz, Austria

The SUSFERT Consortium met recently in the Styrian capital of Graz, Austria. The project is entering the final stage of its work that will assess two additional growing seasons to validate field trial results.
23/06/2022/by SUSFERT

Nature as a model for inventing

ABiTEP talks fertiliser strains, invention and a simplified EU fertiliser registration process for bio-stimulants.
12/05/2022/by SUSFERT

Organic fertiliser trend rises with organic farming – Timac, Eurostat 2022 release

Europe needs to rely less on imported feedstocks.
06/04/2022/by SUSFERT

Efficient fertilisers vital to agri-food chain

Efficient and effective fertilisers to optimise plant health and yield are essential to feed the world sustainably.
19/01/2022/by SUSFERT

Soil micro-organisms boost soil productivity

SUSFERT talks to Dr Günter Brader about the vital role that micro-organisms play in releasing nutrients in fertilisers.
03/12/2021/by Philippa Webb Muegge

Time is ripe for synthetic biology, industrial biotechnology — EFIB Forum

The time is ripe for synthetic biology and industrial biotechnology, but is biotech R&D living up to the challenge?
28/10/2021/by Philippa Webb Muegge

World needs sustainable, bio-based fertilisers

Award-winning scientist Renate Weiß talks about biobased fertilisers to replace unsustainable rock phosphate.
11/10/2021/by SUSFERT

SUSFERT tests lignosulfonate soil improves

SUSFERT has added another Key Exploitable Result to the development of sustainable multifunctional fertilisers.
17/06/2021/by SUSFERT
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