Struvite – wastewater to fertiliser

Struvite as a recovered phosphorus source.
17/05/2023/by SUSFERT

NextGen biobased fertilisers Webinar

Join the SUSFERT science and industry conversation on NextGen…
09/05/2023/by SUSFERT

Stars seed minerals for fertilisers

Roullier Endowment Fund honours minerals over time.
02/05/2023/by SUSFERT

Precision microbe, innovative iron-enabler in fertiliser

Innovative, precision fermentation for iron chelation
20/04/2023/by SUSFERT

Scientific green fertiliser coating review

20 years green enzyme-technical lignins review
17/04/2023/by SUSFERT

Complex bio-refinery chain for bio-economy

How to create value across the bio-refinery value chain
12/04/2023/by SUSFERT

Expected organic fertiliser market rise

Projected trends for organic fertilisers — SOFIE2, Brussels
06/04/2023/by SUSFERT

SUSFERT at Ministry of Climate event

Nutrigels demonstrated at Bio-based Industry Stakeholder Dialogue to promote EU Bioeconomy Strategy.
21/02/2023/by SUSFERT

#Conference #Coffee #Break #Blog: Solving plastic problem in fertilisers

Plastic problem in fertilisers can be solved using bio&bio.
14/02/2023/by SUSFERT

Lignosulphonate polymerization for fertilisers

Sappi recycled chemical recovery process explained.
23/01/2023/by SUSFERT

SUSFERT welcomes new SME to project

AgroBiogel joins SUSFERT for remaining field trials to boost fertiliser effectiveness.
01/12/2022/by SUSFERT

Young Researcher Impact Award – Weiß

Laccase enzyme research for fertilisers with less chemicals.
24/11/2022/by SUSFERT

SUSFERT, BIOVEXO at ESIB biotech summit

RTDS-led SUSFERT pitches at leading biotech ESIB research event, BIOVEXO draws concern over Xylella.
23/11/2022/by SUSFERT

“Exceptional” Wotan starch potato field trial results

BOKU field trial results at 10th Consortium Meeting
11/10/2022/by SUSFERT
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