Nature as a model for inventing

ABiTEP talks about fertiliser strains, invention and a simplified EU fertiliser regulation that reflects reality.
12/05/2022/by SUSFERT

Organic fertiliser trend rises with organic farming – Timac, Eurostat 2022 release

Europe needs to rely less on imported feedstocks.
06/04/2022/by SUSFERT

Efficient fertilisers vital to agri-food chain

Efficient and effective fertilisers to optimise plant health and yield are essential to feed the world sustainably.
19/01/2022/by SUSFERT

Soil micro-organisms boost soil productivity

SUSFERT talks to Dr Günter Brader about the vital role that micro-organisms play in releasing nutrients in fertilisers.
03/12/2021/by Philippa Webb Muegge

Time is ripe for synthetic biology, industrial biotechnology — EFIB Forum

The time is ripe for synthetic biology and industrial biotechnology, but is biotech R&D living up to the challenge?
28/10/2021/by Philippa Webb Muegge

World needs sustainable, bio-based fertilisers

Award-winning scientist Renate Weiß talks about biobased fertilisers to replace unsustainable rock phosphate.
11/10/2021/by SUSFERT

SUSFERT tests lignosulfonate soil improves

SUSFERT has added another Key Exploitable Result to the development of sustainable multifunctional fertilisers.
17/06/2021/by SUSFERT

RTDS hosted Zero Pollution Green Week partner event

SUSFERT joined four other H2020/BBI-JU projects in a RTDS-led Green Week Partner Event aiming for zero pollution.
09/06/2021/by SUSFERT

STRUVITE — Contribution to the circular economy

Finding the P in human wastewater.
28/04/2021/by SUSFERT

Struvite: Phosphorus for bio-based fertilizers

SUSFERT paper analyses struvite from global installations.
15/12/2020/by SUSFERT

Announcement – Public deliverable on current framework conditions (Roullier)

Late last year the SUSFERT consortium received its second public…
22/06/2020/by SUSFERT

People of SUSFERT – Sappi

In this new blog series called "People of SUSFERT" we will bring…
15/06/2020/by SUSFERT

International Day of Women in Science 2020

On this day, February 11th 2020, we once again celebrate the…
11/02/2020/by SUSFERT

SUSFERT at the BBI JU Stakeholder Forum 2019

The European funding body Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking…
07/01/2020/by SUSFERT
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