SUSFERT is leading to peer-reviewed scientific publications, which are available open access:

Environmental and economic sustainability of the nitrogen recovery paradigm: Evidence from a structured literature review

Marc Spiller; Michele Moretti; Jolien De Paepe; Siegfried E. Vlaeminck.

A systematic comparison of commercially produced struvite: Quantities, qualities and soil-maize phosphorus availability

Maarten Muys; Rishav Phukan; Günter Brader; Abdul Samad; Michele Moretti; Barbara Haiden; Sylvain Pluchon; Kees Roest; Siegfried E. Vlaeminck; Marc Spiller; Science of The Total Environment 2020

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A biobased, bioactive, low CO2 impact coating for soil improvers

Renate Weiß; Sebastian Gritsch; Günter Brader; Branislav Nikolic; Julia Santolin; Hedda K. Weber; Nikolaus Schwaiger; Marc Spiller; Sylvain Pluchon; Kristin Dietel; Georg Gübitz; Gibson Nyanhongo; DOI: 10.1039/d1gc02221k; Green Chemistry; Royal Society of Chemistry.