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Final SUSFERT Press Release ‘SUSFERT delivers on innovation to agriculture‘ (Feb., 2024)

Pressemitteilung 1_”Bioökonomie in NÖ durch neue Innovationsprojekte stark im Aufschwung” (German press release, on the opening presentations of the SUSFERT project in Tulln on May 23rd 2018)

Pressemitteilung 2 “SUSFERT_Nachhaltige Dünger reduzieren EU-Abhängigkeit von importierten fossilen Ressourcen” (German version, 4.12.2018)

Press information 2 “Bio-based fertilisers counteract EU import dependency on mined resources ” (English version, Dec 4th 2018)


The sixth newsletter was released at a time when due to the war in Ukraine high gas prices were adversely affecting fertiliser prices. The lead editorial examines fertiliser prices, the compelling arguments for greener fertilisers, and the potential of bio-based fertilisers to find new and cleaner ways to substitute the reliance on fossil fuels for fertiliser development. There is no food security without mineral fertilisers. This and other Consortium news and research is showcased in the newsletter.

The fourth and fifth newsletters were combined to cover most of the project’s news for 2021, the second year of the Corona virus pandemic lockdowns. The Consortium made-up for the cancelled events by focusing on news blogs and videos that covered key research, and other results. Some consortium members even managed to meet in person at the EFIB Forum.

Read the third edition (Corona-style) of the SUSFERT newsletter now, which showcases our highlights in these difficult times and shares some exciting news.

The second edition of the SUSFERT newsletter gives an overview of achievements within the first year of the project since May 2018 and an outlook into the upcoming activities and events.

A special edition of our SUSFERT newsletter was published on September 24th 2019. This time around we had a celebration to announce since this newsletter was sending out the first public deliverable of the SUSFERT project D1.4  from Marc Spiller and colleagues from the University of Antwerp.

Very proud to announce our first SUSFERT newsletter (April 30th 2019)! Giving you some background info on what SUSFERT is, what happened in the first year of research and what is about to happen soon.


BOKU magazine features SUSFERT and the Green Chemistry paper titled: A biobased, bioactive, low CO2impact coating for soil improvers in an article written in German by SUSFERT partner, Renate Weiss, and Sabrina Bischof, titled: “Lignin aus Wertvoller Rohstoff: Die Weiterverarbeitung von Abfällen der Industrie zu innovation Anwenden”, December 2021, page 8. The article can be viewed HERE.

The SUSFERT blog based on the SUSFERT scientific paper published in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Green Chemistry paper titled: A biobased, bioactive, low CO2 impact coating for soil improvers attracted the attention of the US Industrial Biotechnology journal and was featured in the December 2021 edition which is available to its subscribers. The journal can be viewed HERE.

We are very proud of the innovation capacity of our partners! researcher Gibson Nyanhongo (BOKU Vienna) has invented a biobased and sustainable biohydrogel to greatly help with dry, unproductive soils. See this video on biohydrogels.

Together with twin project SUSBIND SUSFERT was featured in the 01/2020 edition of “nachhaltige Technologien” magazine by AEE INTEC (pages 12ff., in German).

SUFERT partner BOKU was once more in the news – in October 2019 a report on their work on lignin was published in the BOKU magazine (pages 16f., in German).

Article on our partners Georg Gübitz and Renate Weiß from BOKU on their work with wood-based materials such as lignin for coatings of fertilisers in “Die Presse” on July 29th 2019 (in German, premium access only)

Great insight into the SUSFERT project – article “Disrupting EU dependence on imported fertiliser components” in the BeSustainable Magazine on May 9th 2019

Very good project description on the “Nachhaltig Wirtschaften” platform on Dec. 2018 (in German)

Article on the “TrendKraft” media platform on Dec. 7th 2018

Article on SUSFERT in the “Business Art” magazine on Dec. 5th 2018

Mentions of a SUSFERT article in the Newstag portal

Article on SUSFERT on several media platforms (Open PR, Business-Presse, PR Log and Firmenpresse) in Dec. 2018

Mentions of SUSFERT and two more projects coordinated by RTDS in the BBI-JU country factsheets on bioeconomy in Oct. 2018

Mentioning of SUSFERT as one of the BBI-JU projects on “Bio Mi sustainable solutions” website on July 20th 2018

Short project description of the project on the Phosphorus Platform as of Sept. 14th 2018 (doc file)

Article on the launch event in Tulln in “Neue Pressemitteilungen” on July 13th 2018

Presentation of all BBI-JU funded projects of the 2017 call

Article in the magazine “Labor Journal” on June 18th 2018

Our press release on the official launch event in Tulln inTrendKraft, “LivePR”, “” and “Pressemitteilung WS” on June 1st 2018

Our press release on the official launch event in Tulln in “OpenPR” and  “Fair News” on May 30th 2018

Article in “Gärtner&Florist” on May 29th 2018

Mentioning the SUFERT project on the “Interreg Danube” website on May 28th 2018

“MeinBezirk Tulln”, a regional Lower Austrian newspaper, presented an article on our Tulln event on May 25th 2018

Article on the launch of 17 new BBI-JU projects – including SUSFERT and it’s sister project SUSBIND, also coordinated by the RTDS group – in “Paper Advance” on May 21st 2018

Article in the magazine “ChemieReport” (Vol. 2018.04, page 44-45) on bioeconomy and the SUSFERT project

“BBI Europe” officially announces the launch of several new projects including SUSFERT on May 16th 2018

Cooperation partners “WoodK+” and “AIT” announce the official project resentation in Tulln in May 2018

“BOKU Wien” announces the official presentation of the SUSFERT project in Tulln in May 2018

Consortium member “University of Antwerp” (Belgium) and “BOKU Wien” announce their participation on the new SUSFERT project

Platforms “Nachhaltig Wirtschaften” and “Circular Futures” spread our invite for the official presentation event in Tulln in May 2018

Our funding agencies “BBI Europe” and “Bio-based Industries Consortium” kindly invite to the official project presentation of SUSFERT in May 2018