SUSFERT, BIOSCHAMP support soil strategy at Loops 2.0 Green Week

Horizon Europe projects SUSFERT and BIOSCHAMP will meet this Friday, 3 June, to discuss topics related to the EU Soil Strategy at the VELTHA Loops 2.0 partner event of the EU Green Week 2022: EU Green Deal – Make it Real. The event will be hosted by VELTHA Secretary-General, Luca Polidori.

EU Green Week is organised by the Directorate-General for Environment of the European Commission and is a key event in the environmental policy calendar.

Fertiliser, pesticide has big impact on soil health

This is due to the leaching of nutrients and harmful chemicals into soil and waterways. SUSFERT and BIOSCHAMP projects are involved in developing alternative, biobased agricultural products and solutions for European agriculture.

Both projects use bio-stimulants and microbes in the development and validation of their products, amongst other renewable raw materials and components, which aim to adhere to the multiple goals of the EU Green Deal objectives and the circular economy.

#EUGreenWeek2022 Make it Real event hosted by VELTHA

Creating sustainable, biobased products for crop and mushroom health can reduce dependence on petrochemical products and solutions while improving resistance to disease.

SUSFERT Co-ordinator and Senior Scientist from the Center of Health & Bioresources at the Austrian Institute of Technology, Dr Günter Brader, will speak for the project. Brader’s field of research is in plant-microbe interactions and the exploitation of bacterial resources.

BIOSCHAMP will be represented by their Lead Researcher and Innovation Manager at CTICH Mushroom Technological Research Center of La Rioja (ES), Jaime Carrasco.

Major challenges to the EU Soil Strategy

Some of the current, major challenges to soil health and the EU Soil Strategy will be discussed, including:

Reducing nutrient losses by at least 50% and chemical pesticides by 50%;

Developing biodegradable polymers and coating agents of fertilisers so that soil pollution is reduced;

Storing carbon and reducing CO2 emissions through using more biobased degradable products; and

The viability and obstacles of the planned products on SUSFERT and BIOSCHAMP.

The Loops event will be held on Friday, 3 June, 2022 from 11:00-12:20. Quick and easy registration on LinkedIn below.



SUSFERT: Soil health fostered by bio-based fertilisers

SUSFERT is creating sustainable, bio-based multifunctional controlled release fertilisers and soil improvers for phosphorus and iron supply fitting into existing production processes. Probiotics are used to increase nutrient availability of plants, wood-based lignosufonates are used in the coatings and struvite from wastewater is currently being tested in field trials.

BIOSCHAMP: Peat-free biostimulant casing for healthier soils

BIOSCHAMP is validating sustainable peat free biostimulant casing solutions for the mushroom industry to tackle mushroom cultivation, profitability and climate challenges, essentially to reduce fungicidal/pesticidal use by 90 per cent.

VELTHA: Fostering dialogue for the circular economy

VELTHA is an international not-for-profit association based in Tervuren, Belgium. According to its Website, the Policy Lab 2.0 was launched in June 2020 which included the launching of the Loops webinar series. The Loops 2.0 webinars provide a platform for regional officers and other stakeholders to share their stories and provide solutions to the challenges European regions face when implementing circular economy programmes. It’s all about turning good ideas into reality which is central to this year’s Green Week theme.