Coordinator Stephen Webb (RTDS Group) presenting the two BBI-JU funded projects SUSFERT and SUSBINDDaniela Fichtenbauer (RTDS Group)

Upcoming events

The following list details the events that the SUSFERT consortium has attended. In light of the Corona virus outbreak in early 2020, and the continued lockdown measures that are carried out globally, events and seminars continue to be impacted and substituted for online versions. If you, or your colleagues are interested in carrying out joint events with the SUSFERT consortium please let us know so that we can make the most use out of networking opportunities targeted towards expanding the bio economy in Europe!

Events 2022 Field Dates Location Partners attending
ISGC 2022 Symposium Sustainable Chemistry R&I 16-20 May, 2022 La Rochelle, France Sappi
AustroPapier Paper & Biorefinery Conference & Trade Show 2022 Circular Economy paper & pulp industry 18-19 May, 2022 Graz, Austria  BOKU
Lange Nacht der Forschung (Austrian Researchers Night) 2022 Research, public outreach 20 May, 2022 Vienna & Tulln, Austria RTDS, AIT, Sappi, BOKU,
Biocatalysis for the Biological Transformation of Polymer Science scientific conference Research, science 27-29 June, 2022 Cologne, Germany BOKU
Oxizymes Research, science 6 July, 2022 Siena, Italy BOKU
Lignobiotech Lignin Biotechnology 10-12 August, 2022 Vancouver, Canada BOKU
European Summit for Industrial Biotechnology (ESIB)  Biotechnology 13-15 November, 2022 Graz, Austria RTDS, AciesBio
Austrian Bio-based Stakeholder Dialogue – Bio-based high-tech Biotechnology 5 December, 2022 Vienna, Austria RTDS
SOFIE2 – Organic & organs-mineral Fertilisers Industries in Europe Summit (European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform) Sustainable fertilisers 17-18 January, 2023 Brussels, Belgium RTDS, AGRANA, ARIC, Groupe Roullier
N Recovery Workshop Perspectives from the fertiliser industry and the water industry to recover nitrogen  19 January, 2023 Brussels, Belgium  RTDS, Groupe Roullier
Events 2021 Field Dates Location Partners attending
RTDS organised and hosted an EU Green Week partner event on 8 June, 2021: The Market-driven Circular & Bioeconmy, which was aimed at Zero Pollution targets.
Innovation, biotechnology 17 June 2021 (virtual event) RTDS, AIT, Sappi
European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference (ESPC4) Phosphorus 2 June 2021 Online UA


6 & 7 October 2021 Live, Vienna


RTDS, AIT, Sappi, TimacAgro, BOKU, AciesBio


FFG circular economy initiative sponsored by the Austrian Ministry for Climate Protect, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) in co-operation with the Professional Association of the Chemical Industry (FCIO).

Biotechnology 15 December 2021 Live & hybrid Vienna RTDS, BOKU


Events 2020 Field Dates Location Partners attending
KETBIO Conference “Biotech Innovation at the Heart of a Green and Healthy Recovery for Europe Innovation, biotechnology 17. June 2020 (virtual event) RTDS
European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference (ESPC4) Phosphorus postponed to 31.5.-2.6.2021 Vienna, AT UA, TimacAgro, AIT
Iron phosphorus workshop (initiated by the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform et al., with SUSFERT as co-initiator) Iron, phosphorus, agriculture, fertilisers 13.+14. July 2020 (will be held as webinar) UA,TimacAgro?
LignoBioTech (Symposium of Biotechnology Applied to Lignocelluloses) 2020 Biotechnology, lignin, cellulose 26.-28. Aug. 2020 Toronto, CAN BOKU
European Research and Innovation Days Innovation 22.-24. Sept. 2020 (virtual event) RTDS
Lange Nacht der Forschung (Austrian Researchers Night) 2020 Research, public outreach postponed to 9. Oct. 2020 Vienna & Tulln, AT RTDS
ABIM (International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association and Research Institute of Organic Agriculture) 2020 Agriculture, biocontrol research 19.-21. Oct. 2020 Basel, CH AIT


Events in 2019

Events 2019 Field Dates Location Partners attending
Stakeholder Dialogue Biobased Industry Industry, bioeconomy 5. Dec. 2019
Vienna, AT
BBI JU Stakeholder Forum 2019 Bioeconomy, innovative research 4. Dec. 2019 Brussels, BE RTDS
BBI JU Project Days 2019 Innovative research, bioeconomy 3. Dec. 2019 Brussels, BE RTDS
Microbeassisted crop production (MiCROPe) Agriculture 2.-5. Dec. 2019 Vienna, AT AIT
European Summit Industrial Biotechnology Biotechnology 18.-20. Nov. 2019
Graz, AT
AciesBio & RTDS
BioSC symposium 2019 Bioeconomy, research 18.+19. Nov. 2019 Köln, DE BOKU
Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting (ABIM) Biotechnology 21.-23. Oct. 2019 Basel, CH AciesBio & AIT
KETBIO online partnering event (see the SUSFERT presentation) Biotechnology, innovation 10. Oct. 2019 online RTDS
International Phosphorus Workshop 9 (IPW9) Biochemistry 8.-12. July 2019 Zurich, CH University of Antwerp
Agri-Innovation Summit 2019 Agriculture 25.+26. June 2019 Lisieux, FR Sappi, Roullier
SOFIE – 1st organic fertiliser summit Fertilisers 5.+6. June 2019 Brussels, BE AciesBio
Paper and Biorefinery Conference Bioeconomy 5.+6. June 2019 Graz, AT BOKU
International Conference on Renewable Resources & Biorefineries Biorefinery 3.-5. June 2019 Toulouse, FR BOKU
Austria World Summit – bioeconomy break-out Bioeconomy 28.+29. May 2019 Vienna, AT RTDS


Events in 2018

Attended events 2018
Field Dates Location Partners attended
AgroTier fair Agriculture 6.-9. Sept. 2018 Wels, AT TimacAgro
Crop Innovations and Regulations (CIR) Agriculture 4.-6. Sept. 2018 Barcelona, ES AIT
Bioflavour 2018 Biotechnology 18.-21. Sept. 2018 Frankfurt, GER Acies Bio
“Bio-based breakfast” at the EU Parliament in Strasburg Biotechnology 4. Oct. 2018 Strasburg, FR RTDS
European Forum for Industrial Bioetechnology and the Bioeconomy (EFIB) Biotechnology 16.-18. Oct. 2018 Tolouse, FR Acies Bio
Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting (ABIM) Probiotics 22.-24. Oct. 2018 Basel, CH AIT
Nordic Wood biorefinery conference (NWBC) Wood 23.-25. Oct. 2018 Helsinki, FIN BOKU
The INDTECH2018 conference – INDustrial TECHnologies Industry, technology 29.-31. Oct. 2018 Vienna, AT RTDS
“Bioökonomie: nachhaltig und
Der europäische Weg in eine erdölfreie Gesellschaft” talks and podium organised by Austrian Ministeries
Bioeconomy 7. Nov. 2018 Vienna, AT RTDS
Messe Tulln – Austro Agrar Tulln Agriculture 21.-24. Nov. 2018 Tulln, AT TimacAgro
Stakeholder dialog bio-based Industry industry 7. Dec. 2018 Vienna, AT RTDS