TIMAC AGRO Düngemittelproduktions- und Handelsgmbh (Timac Agro Austria; AT)

Timac Agro Austria is a subsidiary of the French Roullier Group active since 1959. Timac Agro Austria took over the Fertilizer Division from Donau Chemie in 2005 in the industrial area of Pischelsdorf near Zwentendorf an der Donau in Lower Austria. Timac Agro Austria employs 100 people and produces 250,000 tons of specialty fertilizer (core business of the Roullier Group) and conventional fertilizer at its 50,000 m² site. An export rate of 80% is achieved through the Group´s own sales offices in Eastern European countries.

Timac Agro has established a unique sales concept, supported by technical sales representatives who provide expert advice to farmers. As a specialist for plant nutrition, the focus is on the appropriate fertilization, adapted to the actual needs of different cultures, both in the conventional and in the biological field and on the maintenance of a healthy soil.

As a specialist in the field of animal nutrition, the emphasis is on a balanced supply of nutrients and trace elements, adapted to different performance phases and husbandry. Timac Agro’s long-term economic success is borne by the innovative power of the research facilities of the Roullier Group and the specialized technical sales representatives.

In Work Package “Field Trials” (WP5) Timac Agro Austria is involved in Task 5.1 of the SUSFERT project to set up and harmonize the experimental protocols and contributes to Task 5.3 with a phosphorus fertilizer field trial on maize for 3 seasons. In Work Package “Sustainability” (WP6) Timac Agro Austria is leading Task 6.2, where a detailed business plan will be worked out to ensure the economic sustainability of the newly developed fertilizer products.

For Work Package “Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication” (WP7) Timac Agro Austria will be active in implementation of DEC plan by driving forward dissemination and communication activities like participation in trade fairs to foster post-project exploitation i.e commercialisation of products.


Jakob, Moser, Business Unit Manager Fertiliser Production for Timac Agro

Kristina Pfeiffer Zakharova, Regulatory Affairs Manager/IMS Assistant

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