Groupe Roullier (France)

The Groupe Roullier was founded in 1959 in Brittany (France) and is an owning family share group. With 8000 collaborators – 2500 of which in France – loacted in 102 countries and owning 79 industrial units, Groupe Roullier realized a turnover of 3 billion Euros in 2013.



Diversified in 13 activities, Groupe Roullier offers innovating solutions mastering all the steps in commercial and industrial processes. Its core businesses are:

  • Fertilitzation for extensive crops and specialized cultures
  • Feed with nutritional supplements
  • Extraction and commercialization of natural raw materials
  • Its complementary businesses are: hygiene products and agrofood.

Owner of terrestrial and marine amendments, the agricultural supplies branch of the Groupe Roullier offers a wide range of mineral and organic fertilizers with high added value and offers several ranges of fertilizers for crops and specialized crops.


Groupe Roullier is one of the rare players in the world of animal and plant nutrition to have its own labs. Its capacity to innovate is above all dedicated to customer services, their needs and their expectations. The Groupe Roullier teams have been meeting the real needs of the industry in this sector.

While fertilizers represent over two thirds of the turnover, the company has also compiled a highly diversified businedd portfolio, icluding a range of products and services for industry as well as a specialised food production hub. Each  subsidiary lab has experts in their respective business lines, characterised by solid industrial capital and a strong capacity for innovation.


The Groupe Roullier is leading the SUSFERT Work Package “Fertiliser Optimisation” (WP4) on product development and designing and producing liquid and solid (granulate, micorgranulate) formulations. This includes everything from defining the product and production specifications as a starting point also for work in other work packages, through microbioal viability testing, optimization of production processes, actual production and product stability tests. In Work Package “Field Trials” (WP5) Groupe Roullier will perform several field tests and moreover they will also lead Task 6.3 on regulatory and standardisation issues.


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