Agrana Research & Innovation Center GmbH (ARIC)(AT)

The Agrana Research & Innovation Center GmbH (ARIC) is the central research and development company of the AGRANA group. A staff of 70 people is working in the fields of sugar, starch, fruit and biotechnology. The AGRANA research-headquarter perfectly links commercial concerns to broad sets of universities and their graduates. ARIC’s aim is to ensure AGRANA’s future success throughout innovations and active participation. On the one hand these innovations are newly designed products and on the other hand innovations for process and product technology.



In the SUSFERT project ARIC is leading Work Package “SIderophore Production” (WP3), which deals with the implementation of a fermenter demonstration plant at its sister company AGRANA Starch. ARIC brings in know-how in fermentation and is in charge of the upscaling from pilot to demonstration scale. Additionally, ARIC is going to carry out fermentation medium optimisation together with Acies Bio.

For Work Package “Probiotics and Struvites” (WP1) and Work Package “Fertiliser Optimisation” (WP4) ARIC will produce sufficient amounts of siderophore for the production of fertiliser samples. In Work Package “Field Trials” (WP5) ARIC is responsible for managing fertilizing trials on fields in Italy and green house in Austria with it’s home-made organic fertiliser enriched with siderophores.