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The AIT is Austria’s largest non-university research institute with more than 1100 employees in eight centres. It connects research and industry by providing new technologies and tools in response to society’s demands.

The Bioresources Unit is active in the areas of plant genetic resources, plant-microbe interactions as well as application of microorganisms in biocontrol and plant growth promotion. Research focusses on the diversity and functioning of plant-associated microbiota and the application of bacterial endophytes and rhizosphere bacteria for crop improvement.


Günter Brader (AIT)

SUSFERT scientific coordinator Günter Brader AIT ((c) AIT/krischanz.zeiller)


In the project AIT is responsible for the scientific coordination and is leader of Work Package “Probiotics and Struvites”(WP1). AIT will provide probiotic bacterial strains as integral component of the envisaged fertilizer product. AIT is also contributing to Work Package “Coating” (WP2) and Work Package “Fertiliser Optimisation” (WP4), with expertise in the cultivation and analysis of bacterial strains and in applying high-end tools for molecular microbial analysis and with profound knowledge on the formulation and coatings for microbial solutions.


Brader lab at AIT

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