ABiTEP GmbH as part of the Andermatt Group is a producer of natural microbial products for use in agriculture and gardening as well as biological cleaning/decomposition agents for industry, commerce and household.

They are working with Bacillus for more than 30 years and also produce other beneficial microbes. As a biotech company they are specialized in development and production of bacterial microorganisms with a high quality.

ABiTEP has facilities for biomass production in bioreactors from 2L up to 7.200L, capacities for scale up of microbial biomass production process and standardization. Downstream processing capacities are given for separation, freeze drying, extraction and formulation.


ABiTEP GmbH - fermenters Fermenter setup at ABiTEP ((c) ABiTEP)


ABiTEP owns laboratory equipment for screening and characterization of beneficial bacteria, metabolite analysis via HPLC and field trial capacities. Furthermore they have expertise and knowledge of more than 20 years of application of their own beneficial Bacillus products in potato and their mode of action.


In the SUSFERT project ABiTEP is mainly involved in Work Package “Probiotics and Struvites” (WP1) as leader of Task 1.6 and is responsible for selection of probiotic Firmicutes strains, development of fermentation process and formulation of bacterial beneficial microbes and industrial up-scaling of production process for these probiotics.


researcher Kristin Dietel (ABiTEP GmbH) ABiTEP researcher Elisa Schwarz



The ABiTEP SUSFERT-team: Kristin Dietel ((c) privat), Elisa Schwarz ((c) privat).


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