Completion of the first public deliverable of the SUSFERT project

The SUSFERT consortium is delighted to announce the completion of the first public deliverable (D1.4) of the project: “Recommendations for struvite producers to make their product suitable for use as phosphorous source in fertilisers”. Within Work Package 1 (WP1), Marc Spiller and co-authors from the University of Antwerp and SUSFERT analysed struvite from 14 European sources and discuss its possible utilisation routes in N-P-K fertilisers.


Comparison of physical appearance of struvite from digestate (left) and centrate (right). (© M. Spiller/UA).


Recommendation for struvite producers for a sustainable phosphorus source

Struvite is considered a source of recovered phosphorus (P), that can replace phosphate rock in the production of fertilisers. The ongoing revision of the fertiliser directive may enable the inclusion of struvite into the legislation for the production of secondary raw material-based fertiliser. Evidence from the SUSFERT project indicates that 13 of the 14 struvite samples analysed can meet the proposed chemical fertiliser requirements of recovered phosphorus (see deliverable D1.3 and upcoming publications).


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