Struvite – wastewater to fertiliser

Struvite as a recovered phosphorus source.

NextGen biobased fertilisers Webinar

Join the SUSFERT science and industry conversation on NextGen…

Stars seed minerals for fertilisers

Roullier Endowment Fund honours minerals over time.

Precision microbe, innovative iron-enabler in fertiliser

Innovative, precision fermentation for iron chelation

Scientific green fertiliser coating review

20 years green enzyme-technical lignins review

Complex bio-refinery chain for bio-economy

How to create value across the bio-refinery value chain

Expected organic fertiliser market rise

Projected trends for organic fertilisers — SOFIE2, Brussels

SUSFERT at Ministry of Climate event

Nutrigels demonstrated at Bio-based Industry Stakeholder Dialogue to promote EU Bioeconomy Strategy.

#Conference #Coffee #Break #Blog: Solving plastic problem in fertilisers

Plastic problem in fertilisers can be solved using bio&bio.

Lignosulphonate polymerization for fertilisers

Sappi recycled chemical recovery process explained.

SUSFERT welcomes new SME to project

AgroBiogel joins SUSFERT for remaining field trials to boost fertiliser effectiveness.

Young Researcher Impact Award – Weiß

Laccase enzyme research for fertilisers with less chemicals.