SUSFERT Final Conference on 30th November

Final Conference will showcase best results.

NaKu bio-degradable bottles for SUSFERT prototypes

NaKu and SUSFERT join forces to boost the bio-economy


"NextGen Bio-Based Fertilisers - Exploring Sustainable Agriculture…

Precision microbe, innovative iron-enabler in fertiliser

Innovative, precision fermentation for iron chelation

Lignosulphonate polymerization for fertilisers

Sappi recycled chemical recovery process explained.

Efficient fertilisers vital to agri-food chain

Efficient and effective fertilisers to optimise plant health and yield are essential to feed the world sustainably.

Soil micro-organisms boost soil productivity

SUSFERT talks to Dr Günter Brader about the vital role that micro-organisms play in releasing nutrients in fertilisers.

World needs sustainable, bio-based fertilisers

Award-winning scientist Renate Weiß talks about biobased fertilisers to replace unsustainable rock phosphate.

SUSFERT tests lignosulfonate soil improves

SUSFERT has added another Key Exploitable Result to the development of sustainable multifunctional fertilisers.

RTDS hosted Zero Pollution Green Week partner event

SUSFERT joined four other H2020/BBI-JU projects in a RTDS-led Green Week Partner Event aiming for zero pollution.

STRUVITE — Contribution to the circular economy

Finding the P in human wastewater.
Niki Schwaiger and colleague at SAPPI

People of SUSFERT – Sappi

In this new blog series called "People of SUSFERT" we will bring…