Biobased Industry – sustainable, innovative, efficient

On Dec 7th 2018 current innitiatives and projects related to biobased industries were presented at the “Stakeholderdialog Biobased Industry” in Vienna (program with presentation materials).

RTDS Group CEO Dr. Stephen Webb presented SUSFERT and other bioeconomy projects at the “Stakeholder Biobased Industry” in Vienna ((c) G. Brader/ AIT)

SUSFERT scientific coordinator Günter Brader: „Some interesting peeks inside national as well as European-international projects working on conversion of secondary ressoures were showcased at the 6th Stakeholderdialoge Biobased Industry” meeting. Besides presentations on funding initiatives for various interest fields, also current scientific projects were highlighted. Certainly, for SUSFERT and our field of work the presentations on recycling of chemical components from waste and recycling of nutrients of waste water streams of agricultural and industrial applications were most interesting.”

Acknowledging the BBI-JU and EU funding bodies for all presented projects by RTDS Group CEO S. Webb ((c) G. Brader/ AIT)

Find more information on SUSFERT here (in German) and on other presented projects (SUSBIND and Tech4EFFECT) coordinated by or associated with RTDS Group.