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International Day of Women in Science 2020

On this day, February 11th 2020, we once again celebrate the UN International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Since 2011 all over the world we commemorate the great work and sacrifices women have made to move sciences and with it our societies forward. Benefits of gender balance in sciences ((c) UN Women).   […]

SUSFERT at the BBI JU Stakeholder Forum 2019

The European funding body Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) invited to attend their highly anticipated Stakeholder Forum in Brussels in December 2019. Partner RTDS represented the SUSFERT project at a project stand and work package 7 (DEC) leader Natascha Miljkovic (RTDS) held a presentation on SUSFERTs ambitions and goals.   WP7 lead Natascha Miljkovic (RTDS) (on […]

Fourth SUSFERT Consortium Meeting at BOKU IFA Tulln (Austria)

From November 26th to 28th 2019 the SUSFERT partners came together in Austria to update the consortium on the progress in their respective tasks and work packages during the fourth SUSFERT consortium meeting at the BOKU IFA Tulln (Lower Austria).   Progress within SUSFERT The first day of the meeting was focussing on work package […]

SUSFERT animation video premiered

After the announcement of the completion of our first public deliverable (D1.4) last week we already have another highlight to share with you – the SUSFERT animation video has premiered! You can find it on the newly established SUSFERT YouTube channel.     Challenges for farmers In this video clip of you will get information […]

Completion of the first public deliverable of the SUSFERT project

The SUSFERT project announces the completion of the first public deliverable of the project: “Recommendations for struvite producers to make their product suitable for use as phosphorous source in fertilisers”. Marc Spiller and co-authors from the University of Antwerp and SUSFERT analysed struvite from 14 European sources and discuss its possible utilisation routes in N-P-K fertilisers.

Austria Summit bioeconomy breakout session – event report

Spring time of 2019 will go into the European history books as the age of climate change awareness. With the massive protest movements, headed by famous but also some infamous names such as Swedish school pupil Greta Thunberg, policy makers around the globe start to once again push the envelope to avoid harmful effects of […]

Third SUSFERT consortium meeting held in Ljubljana, Slovenia

After successful consortium meetings in Vienna (Austria) hosted by RTDS in May 2018 and St. Malo (France) at Roullier in November 2018 the SUSFERT consortium is once again meeting. This time around we are coming together in lovely Ljubljana, hosted by partner Acies Bio. Together we are reviewing how the project was advancing in the […]

Biobased Industry – sustainable, innovative, efficient

On Dec 7th 2018 current innitiatives and projects related to biobased industries were presented at the “Stakeholderdialog Biobased Industry” in Vienna (program with presentation materials). SUSFERT scientific coordinator Günter Brader: „Some interesting peeks inside national as well as European-international projects working on conversion of secondary ressoures were showcased at the 6th Stakeholderdialoge Biobased Industry” meeting. […]

The SUSFERT express is rolling – General Meeting in France

Half a year into the innovative project, the SUSFERT consortium was meeting again. This time in a new location, with new faces and a whole load of accomplishments already achieved and many plans for the future. Fig. 1: On our way to France for the second General Meeting of the SUSFERT consortium ((c) N. Miljkovic/ […]

SUSFERT – Representing bioeconomy advances in Austria

Clearly, when three ministries send out invites to discuss a topic with numerous stakeholders, said topic must be on the top of every agenda. On November 7th 2018 the event “Bioeconomy: sustainable and closed loop recycling oriented. The European Way towards a crude oil free society”* headed by Austrian Minister Elisabeth Köstringer (Federal Ministry of […]

Official presentation of BBI-JU funded SUSFERT project in Tulln

Bioeconomy research and innovation certainly are hot topics in Austria. On May 23rd 2018 the official presentation of the SUSFERT project took place at the University and Research Center (UFT) in Tulln, Lower Austria. The place breathes innovation and bio-based research, providing us with the perfect backdrop to present SUSFERT to the public for the […]