Announcement – Public deliverable on current framework conditions (Roullier)

Late last year the SUSFERT consortium received its second public deliverable (D6.2) of the project: Report on current framework conditions: regulations and policy opportunities and barriers. Within Work Package 6 (WP6 – Sustainability), Sylvain Pluchon and colleagues from Group Roullier worked on the deliverable.

Clearly, this topic is hugely important to the European fertiliser industry who’s work depend heavily on following all national and EU regulations for raw materials as well as final products. For any research company and project working in and for agriculture regulations, like the upcoming long-awaited overhaul of the RCE 2003/2003 regulation, regulations can be a very distinct barrier when entering the market with new products. Ultimately, it is also a topic that will indirectly concern – and benefit – consumers when buying fresh produce.


The European ‘Fertiliser Regulations’

Namely two main EU agricultural regulations will be in the focus for SUSFERT. Firstly, in July 2022 the EU regulation RCE 2003/2003 will be replaced by regulation RCE 2019/1009. This is long in the making and highly anticipated. For the SUSFERT project this date falls into place with the expected launch of our innovative fertilisers. Therefore, partners will focus on defining clearly the future regulatory framework of each raw material used for production, namely

  • struvite
  • lignosulfonates
  • lignosulfonate-based polymers
  • microorganisms, and
  • nutritive substances

Secondly, compliance with the RCE 2018/848 regulation, which establishes rules on organic production, would allow SUSFERT fertilisers to address the needs for innovative and environmentally-friendly fertilisers for organic production communities.

This deliverable D6.2 produced by our colleagues at Roullier (FR) analysed possible implications for these regulations on the above mentioned five raw materials in detail. It concludes as follows. Special care will have to be put when producing struvite and products combined with microorganisms.

Read the full deliverable as PDF here and visit our website for more SUSERT deliverables!