AgroBiogel shows promising field trial results

SUSFERT inspects crops, AgroBiogel fertiliser prototypes

SUSFERT partner, AgroBiogel, invited SUSFERT to tour and inspect its corn field trials that had been treated with the AgroBiogel nutrigel fertiliser developed on SUSFERT.  The SUSFERT plants clearly exceeded the reference plants in growth and the water retention capabilities of nutrigels contributed to the resilience of plants during periods of drought.

The trip to the Austrian villages of Großpetersdorf, Burgenland, and Kalsdorf/Ilz, Styria, provided an opportunity to inspect and assess the efficacy of the SUSFERT bio-based fertilisers in combination with the nutrigels.

AgroBiogel explains how the field trials were conducted.

Integration of nutrigels in fertiliser prototypes

The integration of slow-release nutrigels in some of the SUSFERT fertiliser prototypes were expected to keep the health and growth of the corn stable, while reducing the required amount, or application, of fertilisers. Applying less fertiliser that releases slowly adheres to sustainable agricultural practices.

Conventional fertilisers face the problem that rain tends to wash nutrients out of the soil with negative effects not only on crops, but also on groundwater quality.

Nutrigels fulfill the purpose of retaining the humidity around the plant and their slow-release properties make nutrients available for plants for longer.

AgroBiogel Founder Mr. Nyanhongo shows SUSFERT Project Manager Mr. Muegge development of plants with the respective SUSFERT fertiliser prototype

AgroBiogel Founder, Professor Gibson Nyanhongo, briefs SUSFERT Project Manager, Mikael Muegge, on the preliminary field trial results.

Promising results despite heavy rain

Despite difficult circumstances due to the weather conditions earlier in 2023, when parts of the field were flooded with rain, the results on the remaining field are promising.

The good news is that the SUSFERT fertiliser prototypes that utilise nutrigels as a carrier showed that the rain washes out substantially less nutrients than expected, which made them available for the plants for a longer duration. 

SUSFERT plants exceeded reference plants in trial

Nyanhongo showed the clear differences in growth development between the treated crop and the reference.

Nyanhongo showed the clear differences in growth development between the treated crop (right) and the reference modalities (left).

“Our nutrigels have not only shown an increase in plant growth, but they also allow plants to endure longer periods of drought because humidity is retained in reach of the plant,” said Nyanhongo, CEO and co-founder of AgroBiogel.

The field trials in Großpetersdorf and Kalsdorf are still ongoing and a final examination of the data is still outstanding. Preliminary results have shown better performance in growth for corn that has been treated with SUSFERT nutrigels in comparison to the plants where conventional fertilisers have been applied.

CEOgorof. Dr. Gibson Nyanhongo, Prof. Dr. Gibson Nyanhongo, CEOCEO and